Ramzi Assi Dental Center Sharjah-UAE
Ramzi Assi Dental Center (since 1990)
Orthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry
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Abu Shagara - King Faisal Street - Opposite Safeer Market - After KAMAT RESTAURANT - Aramex Bldg - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates - (Bus Station: Sony Jumbo)
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How do I book my Braces Appointment?
3 easy steps...
Read the instructions then go to Calendar (below)

Do not click inside the calendars to take your appointment; it is only for viewing.
For viewing full days: scroll up and down the calendar.
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1- Check for available half an hour appointment slot on the CALENDAR below (white and yellow spaces are free; dark spaces are busy)
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Full Name: Karen Enriquez
Nationality: Philippines
Age: 28 years old
New or Regular Patient: New
sms number: 0501234567
Day: Wednesday
Date: February 14
Time: 4:30 pm
Purpose: Braces
Details Examples:
New Braces
or Braces Adjustment
or Free Clinic Consultation for Braces

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